I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America and to the Republic for which it stands, One nation, under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.

Events and Celebrations

 Today we can support kids who are dealing with cancer on NATIONAL BRAVEHEARTS DAY.  This day was started in 2015 by Amy and Jeremy Jacobs whose 13-month-old daughter had a brain tumor.  She would go on to beat the cancer and they would go on to start Bravehearts for Kids organization.  This organization offers resources and help to families struggling with this issue and it is free of charge.  These heroes need all the help and prayers they can get.  Check them out at braveheartsforkids.org.

I remember my Dad taking me and my sister to his work when we were little.  He would shove those headlamps on and tell us not to breath too much of the dust as we were swinging the hammers down in the mine. Yep, before child labor laws NATIONAL TAKE YOUR KIDS TO WORK DAY had a whole different meaning.  Of course, my Dad would never do that and he didn’t work in a mine.  He was a chemist for the FDA (a very good one) and we always looked forward to visiting his lab.  Meeting the people, seeing the lab setup and having the computer that was as big as a room print out your name on that green and white striped paper after putting in the punch cards.  It really was cool.  If you can, take your kiddos to work – it will probably be a little inconvenient, but they will always remember it.

WORKERS MEMORIAL DAY is observed all around the world as those who perished due to work related injuries and illnesses are remembered.  Speaking as a former safety officer, OSHA and its regulations can seem like a pain, but I am so glad we have them.  No family should ever have to worry about their loved ones not coming back from work because it isn’t safe.  I know military, law enforcement and EMT workers face life and death daily, but for the other places of work, that shouldn’t be case.  Our heads are bowed in remembrance.

It is time to wax poetic as we celebrate NATIONAL GREAT POETRY DAY.  Great poetry is definitely subjective and comes down to what your favorite style is and who your favorite writers are.  Shakespeare, Longfellow, Twain and Frost are just some of the biggies, but there are so many more.  What sets your inner muse on fire?  I have to go with Poe’s “Eldorado” about a hapless knight who spends his life searching for the land of El Dorado.  While we may not always find what we are looking for, we must always – ride, boldly ride.  The John Wayne movie by the same name is pretty good too.

Our dessert of the day is just scrumptious.  NATIONAL BLUEBERRY PIE DAY definitely needs to be followed with a dollop of vanilla ice cream.  The sweet, yet tart blueberries inside the golden crust are ready to make your mouth burst with flavor.  I bet you can taste it now.  I can, who else wants a slice?

On this day…

1789 – Fletcher Christian seizes control of the HMS Bounty – through mutiny

1952 – The Treaty of San Francisco is signed by 49 countries; this gave Japan its sovereignty back after WWII

1955 – The Whirly-Girls – an organization for female helicopter pilots – is founded by Jean Ross Howard Phelan

1967 – Muhammed Ali refuses to join the Army and has his Heavyweight title taken away

2003 – Apple gives us I-Tunes

Happy Birthday…

James Monroe – Our 5th President – was the first President to deal with slavery

Erich Salomon – 1914 – Considered one of the founding fathers of modern photo journalism

Ferruccio Lamborghini – 1916 – started off building tractors before moving to supercars – a little over $700,000 will buy you the newest one today

Harper Lee – 1926 – Gave us “To Kill a Mockingbird”

Jay Leno – Likes his cars and likes to talk – This funny man had some big shoes to fill when took over the Tonight Show from Johnny Carson and he didn’t do too bad

Penelope Cruz – 1974 – Academy Award – winning actress

Enjoy the day and make it your own

Dearest Father, thank you for who you are and for your faithfulness.  We ask for the war in Ukraine to end and for those people to know peace once more.  We also thank you for the advances in dealing with COVID and also ask for healing for those who are suffering from it.  I would also bring our good friend in front of you so that she may be healed from her cancer.  I ask all of this in your wonderful name, Jesus, Amen.

Thank you to National Day Calendar; National Today; History.com; Britannica.com; Wikipedia


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