I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America and to the Republic for which it stands, One nation, under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.

Events and Celebrations

  The first and last of the month tend to have more events than the other days and April 30 is no exception.

NATIONAL SARCOIDOSIS DAY brings awareness to an inflammatory disease that can attack any part of the body.  It can show up as a rash and is usually accompanied with aches and pains.  It usually goes away in about half the cases but it can also become severe. There is no cure and we don’t understand it, but hopefully research will get us some insight into it.

NATIONAL ADOPT A SHELTER PET DAY is just the decent thing to do.  You will be saving an animal, giving it a good life and it’s a whole lot cheaper than buying one outright.

NATIONAL KISS OF HOPE DAY is about being there for families in need.  Everyone needs help now and then and the Kiss of Hope Foundation is there to hand out resources, food, clothing and whatever else may be needed.

NATIONAL HONESTY DAY encourages us to be totally honest for the day.  No white lies, no exaggerations or empty flattery – just good old honesty.  Maybe this should be more than one day a year.

NATIONAL MILITARY BRATS DAY, founded by Military Brats, Inc., gives a big salute to the kids who sacrifice normal lives for that of the military.  Moving around a lot, wondering how their loved ones are doing and trying to fit in are all a part of their lives.  We do salute you and thank you for your sacrifice.

NATIONAL FIRST LADIES’ DAY falls on the inauguration of the first President, which also falls on the inauguration of the first First Lady.  They say every successful man has a good woman behind them – in the cases of our Presidents – this couldn’t be truer.

NATIONAL PREPAREATHON DAY asks the question – are you prepared?  Do you have emergency supplies handy?  Do you have an escape route planned?  Do you have first aid kits ready and do you know what to do in case of emergencies?  If not, maybe you should.

NATIONAL POOL OPENING DAY comes just in time for warmer weather.  The water may be a little chilly, but it is a good time to get the cover off and get that pool ready for swimming season.

NATIONAL SENSE OF SMELL DAY is sponsored by the Sense of Smell Institute and challenges us to use that schnoz.  Do a little more sniffing today and appreciate the aroma of life.

NATIONAL BUBBLE TEA DAY is full of varieties and flavors.  Combining tea, milk, an assortment of add-ins and of course bubbles, this is something to try.  I, myself, have not yet, but you never know.  The bubbles themselves are made from tapioca and if anything, this drink sounds interesting.

NATIONAL OATMEAL COOKIE DAY and NATIONAL RAISIN DAY just go together.  One of the healthier cookies, the oatmeal variety hits the spot with a cold glass of milk.  Add the raisins for a little bit of sweetness and you have a treat.

On this day…

1789 – The first Presidential Inauguration takes place – Thank you President Washington

1803 – The United States and France agree to the terms of the Louisiana Purchase

1897 – Physicist J.J. Thomson discovers the electron

1938 – Bugs Bunny makes his big debut – “What’s up doc?”

1939 – NBC make the first television broadcast – from the New York World’s Fair

1945 – Hitler commits suicide in his bunker

1975 – The city of Saigon falls to North Vietnamese forces

Happy Birthday…

Julian Abele – 1881 – Noted architect

Gerda Lerner – 1920 – Founded the first graduate program for women’s history

Bobby Vee – 1943 – Leader of Bobby Vee and the Shadows – churned out 7 gold records

Michelle Howard – 1960 – First woman to become a 4-Star Admiral

Isiah Thomas – 1961 – One of Detroit’s favorite sons – played for the Pistons and set several records with them

Enjoy the day and make it your own

Thank you, God, for this day, for who you are and for all of our blessings.  Thank you for teaching us, loving us, caring about us and disciplining us.  We would also keep our friend who has cancer in prayer for healing.  I pray this in the wonderful name of Jesus, Amen.

Thank you to National Day Calendar; National Today; History.com; Britannica.com; Wikipedia


2 responses to “04/30/2022”

  1. There’s a small cafe near us in Dexter that has honeydew melon bubble tea, and it’s great. Next time you visit I’ll take you there. 😉


    1. I am looking forward to it.😊


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