I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America and to the Republic for which it stands, One nation, under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.

Events and Celebrations

This one’s for the ladies – NATIONAL WOMEN’S CHECKUP DAY encourages you gals to make sure communications open between you and your health care team are all important.  Please don’t skimp on this issue – we love all of you and need you around for a long time.

NATIONAL HOMEFRONT HEROE’S DAY is brought to us by Major John “Lucky” Luckadoo.  The Major is the last surviving member of the World War II Eighth Air Force Bombardment Group and remembers all the support from the people back home.  The Homefront heroes made sacrifices by rationing supplies putting in overtime at the factories and setting donations and drives for the soldiers overseas.  Today, there are quite a few people working behind the lines to support our troops any way they can.  We thank you for your work and dedication.

NATIONAL ALPHABET MAGNET DAY celebrates the toy that teaches, is useful for leaving messages and can be used just to mess with people.  Samuel Hardcastle first developed these letters to be used in space, but they work just as well down here on planet Earth. 

Let’s raise a glass to NATIONAL MOSCATO DAY.  This versatile grape yields a wide variety of wines, from dry, to floral to sparkling and dessert.  Moscato is the third most popular white wine and goes great with, well…just about anything.

Our dessert of the day goes well with Moscato wine as well.  NATIONAL BUTTERSCOTCH BROWNIE DAY may leave the chocolate out, but that’s okay.  As a matter of fact, the blonde brownie was around before their chocolate counterparts and can be enjoyed every bit as much.  Bake up a batch and make sure to send me some. 

On this day…

 1882 – William H. Ford receives the patent for the stethoscope

1899 – John Albert Burr invents the rotary blade lawnmower

1950 – L. Ron Hubbard’s “Dianetics” is published

1958 – Alfred Hitchcock’s “Vertigo” premiers in San Francisco

1960 – The FDA approves “The Pill”

1964 – The Beatles held the title for the longest running #1 hit “I Wanna Hold Your Hand”, at 3 ½ months.  Louis Armstrong broke their streak with “Hello Dolly”

1974 – Impeachment proceedings begin for President Richard Nixon

1980 – Jason and his hockey mask hit the theaters for the first time in “Friday the 13th

Happy Birthday to…

Harriet Lane – 1830 – Our 16th First Lady was actually bachelor President James Buchanan’s niece, who took over the duties of that office

Belle Boyd – 1844 – She would spy for the Confederacy from her hotel and pass the info along to General Stonewall Jackson.  After being caught and let go several times, including being arrested by Allan Pinkerton, she was sent to Canada where she married and became an actress

J.M. Barrie – 1860 – Gave us Peter Pan

Howard Carter – 1874 – Discovered King Tut’s tomb

Mike Wallace – 1918 – Outstanding journalist who reported for 60 Minutes

Billy Joel – 1949 – The Piano Man

In memorandum – We said goodbye today to one of the strong-hearted, fun-loving dogs I have ever met.  Lady Deardorff is now chasing tennis balls on that great big farm in the sky.  She always seemed like she was smiling and as long as she could, she would chase a ball.  This part Australian Shepherd, part Border Collie was on this earth about 19 years and lived as much life as she could.  It was an honor an pleasure to know her and care for her.

Enjoy the day and make it your own

Dear Heavenly Father, we give thanks for your love and mercy.  Please continue to watch out for these amazing people and keep them safe.  Bless and heal our friend with cancer and may there be plenty of tennis balls for Lady. Amen.

Thank you to National Day Calendar; National Today; History.com; Britannica.com; Wikipedia


One response to “05/09/2022”

  1. Patricia Deardorff Avatar
    Patricia Deardorff

    I was so glad to see your photo of Lady with a ball in her mouth here. She will certainly be missed by all of us, and I can only imagine how Ryan is feeling right now. Thank you for all the caretaking you did for Lady; I think you both loved her very much, too. It’s always so hard to lose a beloved pet, and especially one who had lived such a long life. 😢

    > “May the Great Mystery make sunrise in your heart” > > Sioux Indian, spoken > to William Tomkins, > San Diego, 1926



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