Kev’s Daily Take On 08/19/2022

Happy Friday!

I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America and to the Republic for which it stands, One nation, under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.

Events and Celebrations

 Today’s awareness spotlight shines on PATIENT ADVOCACY DAY.  These people and their organizations are here to help wade through the maze that is health care.  Figuring out Medicaid eligibility, working on behalf of the patient and their rights and making themselves available to medical facilities are all part of their job.  Thank you for looking out for us.

NATIONAL AVIATION DAY was declared in 1939, by President Franklin Roosevelt to fall on the birthday of Orville Wright.  There were a lot of people contributing their ideas and experiments over the years that led up to the point when the Wright Brothers first flew.  It really is amazing to see those huge hunks of steel flying overhead and we thank the myriads of people who make it happen and remember the folks who got us to this point.

NATIONAL PHOTOGRAPHY DAY captures that perfect moment.  Just about everyone has a camera nowadays and therefore, is a photographer.  The professional people sure know all of the ins and outs of getting a good shot, and our hat is off to them.  You and I may not be professionals, but if you happen across that particular scene that is begging to be snapped – have at it.

KOOL-AID DAY is mostly celebrated in Nebraska – where it was invented by Edwin Perkins – and is their official state soft drink.  Even if you are not in the corn husker state today, enjoy a refreshing glass.

NATIONAL POTATO DAY comes to us baked, twice-baked, fried, mashed, scalloped, roasted, in salads, in soups, next to a burger or accompanying a steak.  Pick your favorite way to dine on these zero fat and cholesterol gems and celebrate the day.

Our dessert of the day sounds yummy.  NATIONAL SOFT ICE CREAM DAY celebrates the softer side of this frozen treat.  Discovered by accident, when Tom Carvel’s ice cream truck got a flat, the melting ice cream turned out to be a big hit.  Find ya some of this stuff in your favorite flavor and indulge.

On this day…

1839 – Louis-Jacques Daguerre reveals his photographic process – hence National Photography Day

1856 – Gail Borden receives the patent for his process on making condensed milk

1909 – The first race is held at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway

1934 – Hitler becomes president of Germany – with 90% of the people voting for him

1960 U-2 Pilot, Gary Powers is sentenced to 10 years in Soviet Prison for espionage

1964 – The Beatles start their U.S. tour in San Francisco

1989 – Hungary opens its borders to Austria for a few hours – this is the first crack in the Iron Curtain

1993 – Mattel and Fisher Price merge their companies

 Happy Birthday to…

Charles Hires (1851-1947)

He gave us root beer

Orville Wright (1871-1912)
Famous People

Got us off the ground – hence, National Aviation Day

Gabrielle Coco Chanel (1883-1971)

She was a famous French fashionista whose line of products is doing better than ever

Malcolm Forbes (1919-1990)

Put out a good magazine

Gene Roddenberry (1921-1991)

Gave us Star Trek

Bill Shoemaker (1931-2003)

One of the most famous and winningest jockeys of all time

Bill Clinton (1946- )

Our 42nd President who oversaw our longest peacetime economic expansion

John Stamos (1963- )

Uncle Jesse – on Full House, not Dukes of Hazzard

 Enjoy the day and make it your own

Dear Heavenly Father, thanks to you, we have made tremendous strides against this virus.  Thank you for the courage of our front-line workers, for the skill of the doctors and researchers, and for the tenacity of those who wouldn’t quit on their patients.  Thank you and may this come to a complete end soon.  In Jesus’ name I pray, Amen.

Thank you to National Day CalendarNational TodayHistory.comBritannica.comWikipediaon this

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