Kev’s Daily Take On 12/12/2022

I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America and to the Republic for which it stands,
One nation, under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.

Family and Friends

DING-A-LING DAY sounds a little goofy, but it is all about giving someone a call you haven’t talked to in a while.  Since it is Ding-A-Ling day, texting or emails don’t count – you have to give them a ring on the ol’ phone.

Flora and Fauna

POINSETTIA DAY blooms for the season as this beautiful plant is already the Christmas colors of red and green.  The legend of the poinsettia tells of a young girl who wanted to present a gift to the baby Jesus but was too poor to afford one.  An angel appeared to her and told her that any present given in love would be acceptable.  She gathered some reeds from the roadside and placed them in the manger where they promptly turned into a poinsettia.  Adorn your house with them, just don’t let the animals eat off of them.

On Today’s Menu…

NATIONAL AMBROSIA DAY comes to us straight from heaven.  Actually, it is named after the food of the gods and comes together with whipped cream, orange slices, apples, marshmallows and coconut – if so desired.  There are many variations, however whipped cream and marshmallows are a must.

GINGERBREAD HOUSE DAY brings everyone together to create an edible work of art.  You can get a kit or start from scratch and build your own abode out of gingerbread.  It is a little bit of work, but full of fun and very tasty afterwards.

Sneak Peek at Tomorrow’s Events and Celebrations

National Guard Birthday

Day of the Horse

National Violin Day

National Cocoa Day

On this day…

1787 – Pennsylvania becomes the 2nd state to ratify the constitution

1878 – Joseph Pulitzer begins publishing the St. Louis Post Dispatch

1899 – George F. Grant invents the golf tee – what did they use before that?

1946 – Tide Laundry detergent hits the store shelves

1977 – Saturday Night Fever boogies its way onto the screen

1980 – One of DaVinci’s notebooks sells for over $5 million

1980 – Apple makes its IPO on the stock market

Happy Birthday to…

Henry Wells (1805-1878)
He established the American Express Company as well as co-founded Wells Fargo and Company

Edvard Munch (1863-1944)
This expressionist painter is best known for his masterpiece – The Scream

Something Else!
Frank Sinatra (1915-1998)
The Chairman of the Board – Ol’ Blue Eyes

The Mercury News
Bob Barker (1923-)
“COME ON DOWN! THE PRICE IS RIGHT.”  I checked 3 different sources – he is still around

Famous People
Robert Noyce (1927-1990)
He developed one of the first integrated circuits and co-founded the Intel Corporation
Dionne Warwick (1940-)
Graces us with such hits as Walk On By and Say a Little Prayer

New York Daily News
Sheila E. (1957- )
The Queen of Percussion

Cheat Sheet
Mayim Bialik (1975- )
She started off as Blossom, became Dr. Amy Farrah Fowler, earned a couple of doctorates along the way and will co-share hosting duties on Jeopardy

Enjoy the day and make it your own

Dear Heavenly Father, we ask for protection for those who will be traveling this year, as well as healing for those who are suffering.  Thank you for doctors and other medical staff that take care of us, and may you give the ability to heal and guide their actions.  I pray this in your name, Jesus, Amen.

 Thank you to National Day CalendarNational TodayHistory.comBritannica.comWikipediaon this

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