Kev’s Daily Take On 12/28/2022

PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE DAY recognizes the day in history when Congress adopted the Pledge.  Written by Frances Bellamy, it was first published September 8, 1892, on the 400th anniversary of the discovery of America.  Congress officially adopted it on this day in 1945

Religious Holidays

HOLY INNOCENTS’ DAY commemorates the deaths of the innocent children who were executed by King Herod as told in the Gospel of Matthew.  Herod had learned of the three wise men who had come to visit the baby Jesus and met with them beforehand.  Knowing of the prophecies of a future king and savoir, he wasn’t too keen on having another king around.  So, he asked the wise men to come back and tell him where the child was so he could “visit” as well.  Warned in a dream, not to go back to Herod, the wise men gave their gifts to Christ and left straightaway without seeing the ruler.  Herod found out and was furious.  He knew the babe was to be born in Bethlehem and he knew the wise men had found out about this two years prior, so he ordered the execution of all male children two years and under.  This day memorializes those children and the unwitting role they played in history.

Education and Information

SHORT FILM DAY celebrates the day the movie industry got its start.  Tom Edison had already gotten his kinetoscope rolling but it was only good for one person to watch at a time.  It was Louie and Auguste Lumiere who really brought the magic to the public when they projected moving pictures for a paying audience on this day in 1895.  They showed 10 short films, each around a minute long.

For Fun

mental floss

CARD PLAYING DAY shuffles the deck as we prepare to play poker, pinochle, cribbage, go fish, UNO or whatever you fancy.

On Today’s Menu…

CHOCOLATE CANDY DAY – yes please.  So many to choose from.  Truffles, M&Ms, Hershey’s Kisses, they are all readily available this time of year for your delight.

 Sneak Peek at Tomorrow’s Events and Celebrations

National Pepper Pot Day

Tick Tock Day

International Cello Day

On this day…

1065 – Westminster Abbey is consecrated and opened

1886 – Josephine Garis invents the dish washing machine

1895 – The Lumiere Brothers pave the way for a whole new entertainment industry with the viewing of the first films

1973 – President Richard Nixon signs the Endangered Species Act

1975 – Dallas quarterback Roger Staubach throws a 50-yard touchdown pass to Drew Pearson to win a playoff game against the Minnesota Vikings in the last few seconds.  He coins the term “Hail Mary” for the first time.

Happy Birthday to…

Famous People
Woodrow Wilson (1856-1924)
Our 28th president got us through WWI

Stan Lee (1922-2018)
He gave us the Marvel comics and movies
Maggie Smith (1934- )
You know her as Violet Crawley on Downton Abbey

Boston College
Gayle King (1954- )
She is a host on C.B.S. Mornings

New York Daily News
Denzel Washington (1954- )
We could go on and on about his awards, talent, looks… but who has that kinda time
Linus Torvalds (1969- )
He developed the Linux Operating System

 Enjoy the day and make it your own

Thank you, dearest God, for everything you have given us.  

Thank you to National Day CalendarNational TodayHistory.comBritannica.comWikipediaon this

Happy Birthday to President Woodrow Wilson, Stan Lee and Denzel Washington on #HolyInnocentsDay, #PledgeofAllegienceDay, #ChocolateCandyDay, #ShortFilmDay, #CardPlayingDay, #Enjoythedayandmakeityourown


2 responses to “Kev’s Daily Take On 12/28/2022”

  1. Kev, if I may. Let’s add a few Buckeyes (creamy peanut butter center covered in milk chocolate) to the candy tray. I can vividly remember Staubach’s “Hail Mary” touchdown pass to Pearson. It was played at Metropolitan Stadium (in the cold).


    1. Those buckeyes are delicious and yes, they have to be included.


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