Kev’s Daily Take on 03/05/2023


I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America and to the Republic for which it stands, One nation, under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.

Religious Holidays


ST. PIRANS DAY honors the patron saint of tin miners and the English county of Cornwall.  Legend has it that Piran was thrown into the ocean off the coast of Ireland and washed up on shore in Cornwall.  After being taken in by the kindhearted residents, he blessed the Cornish with the secrets of tin extraction.  This day is celebrated in Cornwall with festivities and re-enactments.

A Tip of the Hat Goes to…

My hat is certainly tipped to those who can celebrate FINISHER’S MEDAL DAY.  Whether they are just starting out or are seasoned athletes, anyone who crosses the finish line has completed what they started.  From fun runs to 5Ks to marathons to ultra-marathons with distances of 100 miles or more, endurance athletes train and prepare to get across that line.

Awareness Spotlight shines on…

NATIONAL MULITPLE PERSONALITY DAY brings awareness to a condition that is still a mystery as to why it happens.  A little less than 1% of the population suffers from dissociative identity disorder, but it can wreak havoc on them and the people who care about and for them.  Unexplained memory loss is one symptom as well as at least 2 distinct identities that have emerged.  It is very hard to diagnose and that should certainly be left up to the professionals.

Belly up to the Bar

NATIONAL ABSINTHE DAY celebrates a drink with a dark past.  Made from infusing wormwood, fennel, anise, and other herbs into distilled alcohol, this is one potent drink that has a 70% alcoholic content.  Rumored to possibly burn your taste buds if drank straight, absinthe was banned in several countries for a while after it was thought to be the reason a French laborer went crazy and killed his family.  The ironic part is that it was first developed by a doctor as a way to cure all kinds of illnesses.  If you celebrate this one, just respect the drink and be responsible please.

On Today’s Menu…

We get to lick some orange fingers as we celebrate NATIONAL CHEESE DOODLE DAY.  Cheesy and crunchy, these snacks come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and flavors.  Cheetos, cheese puffs and cheese balls are just some of the tasty treats waiting to be devoured today.

Sneak Peek at Tomorrow’s Events and Celebrations

Fast of Esther – Purim

National Dentist’s Day

Oreo Cookie Day

National Dress Day

White Chocolate Cheesecake Day

Frozen Food Day

On this Day…

1770 – Boston, Mass. – British troops fire on a mob killing 5 people – this would be known as the Boston Massacre and the start of a Revolution

1872 – George Westinghouse Jr receives a patent for airbrakes on locomotives

1946 – During a speech in Fulton, Missouri, Winston Churchill popularizes the term “iron curtain”

1963 – Patsy Cline, Cowboy Copas, Hawkshaw Hawkins and pilot Randy Hughes perish in a plane accident just outside of Nashville. 

1963 – Arthur “Spud” Melin, co-founder of Wham-O, patents the Hula Hoop

1971 – Led Zepplin plays Stairway to Heaven live for the first time

1994 – A 1,995-gallon milkshake is made in South Africa – the world’s largest

2019 – Bugatti makes the world’s most expensive car – the La Voiture Noire – it cost $19 million, and they only made one

 Happy Birthday to…
Emmett Culligan (1893-1970)
The original Culligan water man
Rex Harrison (1908-1990)
You can see this marvelous performer act and sing in Dr. Dolittle (1967) and My Fair Lady (1964)

Momofuku Ando (1910-2007)
Gave us Ramen Soup – Thank you Momofuku
Geraldyn “Jerrie” Cobb (1931-2019)
Female pilot who was flying internationally by the time she was 21.  Jerrie completed all 3 phases of Mercury Astronaut Training along with 13 other women – all of which were denied an opportunity to partake in a mission.

Penn Jillette (1955-)
Half of the magic-comedy team of Penn and Teller

Andy Gibb (1958-1988)
He made disco cool with hits like Shadow Dancing, and I Just Want to be Your Everything
Eva Mendes (1974- )
She has starred in multiple film genres with titles like Children of the Corn V: Fields of Terror (1998), Training Day (2001), Hitch (2005), and Ghost Rider (2007)

Enjoy the day and make it your own

Most Graceful God, we would ask for healing and comfort come to those who suffer from identity dissociative disorder.  Be with them and their loved ones as they deal with this condition and may they know Your presence.  I ask this in Your name, Jesus, Amen.

Thank you to National Day CalendarNational TodayHistory.comBritannica.comWikipediaon this

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Happy Birthday to Emmett Culligan, Rex Harrison, Momofuku Ando, Jerrie Cobb, Penn Jillette, Andy Gibb, Eva Mendes 


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