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Events and Celebrations

Some holidays are celebrated worldwide.  Some are patriotic and others are just frivolous.  I like to think the main point is to celebrate life.  We don’t know what lies around the bend on life’s road or when that final destination will appear.  If we give of ourselves to those around us, smile and encourage, find joy in the little things and apply the wisdom we have attained while keeping a child like wonder, there will be no regrets and we will have lived a life of purpose and place. I plan on posting these events everyday.

On This Day

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We will also look at what’s happened in the past for that particular day. Some events may be trivial, others can be moments that seemed to make time stand still. History is there to learn from, not to change. We may cringe about certain times and happenings but we are not to shy away from the process of not repeating our errors.

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Happy Birthday to…

What’s a celebration without a party – and what better party than a birthday. Some of the people listed will have been long gone, others are still around.

…and always remember to

Enjoy the day and make it your own

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