COVID-19 Data

The idea to post daily events, holidays and celebrations was actually due to the pandemic. I had been an Uber Driver – and loved it- but after the Coronavirus hit, it wasn’t a good idea for me to keep hanging with the public what with my health not being exactly up to snuff. So, I started keeping track of COVID-19 data in the St. Louis area, on a daily basis, as to know when it would be safe to drive again. My wonderful wife, who is an Excel guru, took my simple spreadsheet and really made it pop. As more and more people heard of what I was doing I got requests to add different cities and states. Soon, we were covering areas on both coasts, a smattering of places in the Midwest and even another country.

Those weren’t just numbers though. Each digit represented a person who was sick or had died from this disease – including my Mom who passed in September of 2019. To counterbalance the grimness of this data, I started posting the holidays and events of that day, and now that has transformed into this website and blogs. My wife, has taken over the data part and we are only generating that once a week as this virus finally seems to be easing up, also some places aren’t reporting as frequently as they used to (some not at all).

Here are the COVID-19 numbers as of 03/17/2023